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Safety Tips
To help keep our citizens and our community safe, the Town Police Department offers the following safety tips, which may be updated from time to time to provide information that is seasonal or related to events of the day. For more information, contact the Gordonsville Police Department at (540) 832-2234.

Beware of Yard and Housework Scams
With the arrival of spring, there's a lot of yard work to do and some people need help.

The Gordonsville Police Department is urging residents to be careful about whom they hire for yard work and other work around the house. Residents are warned to NOT pay in advance for gutter and yard work. There is a known scheme where groups of people go through neighborhoods looking for work and asking for money up front; however, once the workers are paid they never come back to do the work.

Another scheme is where workers clean gutters or do other work, and then they claim they did extra work and demand more money.

Chief Corbin wants to remind homeowners not to take chances by hiring unlicensed workers. He is encouraging people to never pay for work in advance. He also wants to encourage people to watch out for each other and report suspicious activity. If you have questions or wish to report suspicious activity, please contact the Gordonsville Police Department at (540) 832-2234.

Make it Thunder
We’re going to make some noise about Safe Kids Day and we need your help. It’s called a Thunderclap, which is basically a single message that is automatically sent through social media at the same time on the same day. Want to join us? It only takes a minute to set up and then we take care of the rest. Simply go to: and click on your favorite social media channel.

Think About It
Slips, falls and tumbles are a normal part of being a kid, but doing simple things like learning the signs and symptoms of a concussion can help prevent serious injuries that can stop your kids from playing the games they love. Here are a few more things to think about during Brain Injury Awareness Month.

So Far, So Good
Last year, 43 children died from heatstroke because they were unattended in cars. So far this year, there have been zero deaths. As the weather starts to warm up, Safe Kids and the General Motors Foundation are teaming up to help families avoid these preventable tragedies. Cars heat up faster than you think so please never leave your child alone in a car, not even for a minute. Help us spread the word by sharing this message with your family, friends and neighbors. Learn more about how to prevent heatstroke.

Safe Kids will be vigilant about providing awareness to parents about never leaving a child alone in a car. One effective way to alert parents is for states to use highway LED signs as they have for other dangers. Join Safe Kids in urging your state highway officials to place heatstroke safety messages on highway LED signs. We have a sample letter to make it easy.

Taking Time to Educate Grandparents
Researchers often provide us with information that may help us influence the caregiver at our fitting stations or check up events to modify some of their behaviors in protecting their children. This is an example of how we can apply what is learned during research to our curbside communication with families especially grandparents.

In a recent study, "Grandparents and Child Passenger Safety", published in the Accident Analysis and Prevention, researchers wanted to compare child passenger safety (CPS) practices of grandparents versus parents and determine grandparents' opinions on car safety seats, barriers to use, and ways to transport grandchildren safely. A total of 1758 parents transporting 2713 children, and 284 grandparents transporting 391 grandchildren were included in the study.

While most drivers were buckled up and used car seats, almost 25% of parents and grandparents chose the incorrect seat to transport the child, and greater than 68% had at least one harness-related error. Grandparents were more likely to have looser lower anchor straps or seat belts and have children younger than thirteen years in the front seat.

The focus group of grandparents had a favorable attitude toward child safety seats. They acknowledged the need for their grandchildren to ride buckled up but believed that car seats were hard to use. They also may have had physical barriers (e.g. arthritis, back pain, mobility, decreased strength, and vision problems) to installing and using car seats.

Both grandparents and parents were equally likely to choose and use appropriate child safety seats. Compared to parents, grandparents were more likely to travel with their grandchildren in car seats installed with looser harnesses or an installed CSS with looser seat belt or lower anchors. Grandparents were more likely to have a child younger than thirteen years in the front seat. The use of community resources such as permanent fitting stations could help grandparents improve a grandchild's travel safety.

Source: Grandparents and child passenger safety. O'Neil J, Bull MJ, Slaven JE, Talty JL. Accid. Anal. Prev. 2012; 49C: 354-359.

Celebrities Rally Around Safe Kids Day
Celebrate Kids. Prevent Injuries. Save Lives. That’s what Safe Kids Day is all about and celebrities such as Drew Barrymore, Mark Wahlberg, Kate Hudson, Gwen Stefani and more are joining in. You can, too. Read Jennifer's story about her daughter Regan to see why Safe Kids Day matters, and visit to join us by protecting kidsdonating or fundraising

Support Safe Kids Through the CFC
Are you a Federal Employee? If so, you can donate to Safe Kids via the Combined Federal Campaign, using CFC # 11269. Safe Kids is part of the Children’s Charities of America Federation and the Best of the CFC.

Kids Safety on Capitol Hill Fun and Informative
At Safe Kids Capitol Day, members of Congress and staff learned about the range of safety risks children and their parents face in interactive demonstrations ranging from a distracted driving video game to learning how to operate an AED, from Over the Counter Medication Literacy to safe sleep best practices. FHWA Administrator Victor Mendez said in a blog that it was “not your typical safety fair” because of the “imaginative planning and turnout.” Rep. Kevin Cramer (R-ND) said in a press release, “It’s important for Congress to share ideas, information, research and emerging trends to prevent childhood accidents.” Safe Kids Capitol Day was hosted by Safe Kids in coordination with the co-chairs of the new, bipartisan Congressional Kids’ Safety Caucus. Join the experience on our photo blog

Give Your Car Seat A Checkup
Road trips are a fun part of the holidays, but before you take off, take 15 minutes to give your car seat a quick checkup. Here’s a car seat checklist that will help. If you have questions, certified child passenger safety technicians are waiting to assist or even double check your work. Find a seat check event near you.

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