Business Taxes and other Requirements

Businesses located in the Town of Gordonsville are subject to Town, County, State and Federal Taxes. As Gordonsville is an incorporated Town, businesses pay Town and County Taxes. Local business tax requirements, along with state sales tax are described below. Information about Federal taxes, including payroll taxes, is available from the IRS website or by calling (800) 829-1040.
Gordonsville Business License Tax
All businesses are required to have a license to conduct business in the Town of Gordonsville. The tax rate varies depending on the type of business. 

A new business is required to pay the business license tax when an application is filed. 
The initial license period is the 1st day of business through December 31st. To calculate the initial business license tax, estimate your gross receipts for the remainder of the calendar year, from the first day of business through December 31, and multiply that amount by the tax rate for your type of business. 

After the initial period, businesses pay an annual tax based on gross receipts earned in the previous calendar year, multiplied by the tax rate for the type of business.The tax amount may be adjusted to reflect actual gross receipts for the estimated year. Subsequent license periods are January 1st to December 31st of each year.

Renewal applications are due March 1 each year. The annual tax bill is also due March 1. For your convenience, renewal applications are sent to you in January of each year by the Town Treasurer. 

For more information about Gordonsville business license tax, contact:

Town Treasurer's Office
Post Office Box 276

Gordonsville, Virginia  22942
(540) 832-2233
Gordonsville Meals Tax
Businesses selling prepared food and beverages are required to register with the Town Office for collection of the Town Meals Tax. The registration form is filed with the business license application. The tax must be collected from customers immediately after the business opens, so it is important to register as soon as possible. 

For more information about the meals tax contact:  

Town Treasurer's Office 
Post Office Box 276

Gordonsville, Virginia  22942
(540) 832-2233
Business Tangible Personal Property Tax
Businesses in the Town are required to file a Business Tangible Personal Property form by May 1 with the Orange County Commissioner of Revenue. The tax is levied on property owned January 1 and used in a trade or business, such as furniture, fixtures, machinery and tools. Orange County does not prorate personal property tax, so if your business opens after the first of the year, you will not pay the tax until the following year. 

For more information, or if you did not receive a business tangible personal property tax form, contact: 

Orange County Commissioner of the Revenue
Post Office Box 149 
Orange, Virginia  22960 
(540) 672-4441
Vehicle Personal Property Tax
Every person or business owning a motor vehicle principally garaged in the Town of Gordonsville is required to file a personal property tax return with the Orange County Commissioner of Revenue by May 1 each year. (Note - Auto decals are not required, this fee will be added to your personal property bill). If vehicles acquire situs within the Town or are transferred to a new owner in the Town after January 1, the Commissioner of Revenue should be promptly notified. 

For more information on vehicle personal property tax contact:

Town Treasurer's Office
Post Office Box 276

Gordonsville, Virginia  22942
(540) 832-2233
Retail Sales and Use Tax
The State of Virginia collects a retail sales and use tax on gross receipts from retail sales or leases of tangible personal property, unless the retail sales or leases are exempt by law. The use tax applies to tangible personal property uses, consumed or stored in Virginia but purchased out of state that would have other wise been subject to sales tax. 

For more information regarding the retail sales and use tax contact: 

Virginia Department of Taxation
Post Office Box 6-L 
Richmond, Virginia  23282 
(804) 367-8037