Woodberry Cemetery

Woodberry Cemetery is an African American landmark where people of color have been buried for over 120 years.  The 5 acre cemetery is located at 753 Woodberry Cemetery Drive, outside the corporate limits and east of the Town of Gordonsville,  According to Orange County court records, it was formed from land donated in 1900 and designated as a cemetery in September of that year.  

The Woodberry Cemetery is governed by a Board of Directors/Trustees.  All trustees and support persons are volunteers who serve without compensation and donate their skills and resources throughout the year on projects to promote, maintain and beautify this final resting place.  Individuals and community groups wishing to donate time or funds should contact one of the trustees for available projects and instructions.

Trustees/ Directors
Emily Winkey               President    (540) 832-3055
Gloria Gilmore            Secretary    (540) 832-3410
Welford Courtney    Treasurer    (540) 832-5354
Doretha Dickerson  Director       (540) 832-3818
Robert Winkey           Director       (540) 832-3758

Support Team
Bruce Wood                 (540) 832-7303
Donald Lewis               (540) 832-9826

Legacy Directors/Trustees & Support
Verna Anderson
Evaden Avery
Herman Lewis
Anna Thompson
Cecil D. Thompson
Robert Winkey

Woodberry Cemetery Association
Post Office Box 832
Gordonsville Virginia 22942

Policies and Fees
Cemetery visitation hours are 8:00 am to 8:00 pm from April through September and 8:00 to 4:00 pm from October through March. All decorations, tributes and flowers must be attached to the gravestone or placed at the head of the grave so as not to interfere with regular mowing and maintenance of the cemetery. 

The annual maintenance schedule is as follows: tributes placed from May through the summer will remain until the mid-August cleanup prior to Labor Day; tributes placed in September will remain until the April cleanup prior to Memorial Day. 

All burials, including cremain scattering, must be authorized in advance by the official trustees of Woodberry Cemetery. The cost of a grave site is currently $500. Single graves may be purchased or sites may be purchased in groups of 2 or more. A maintenance/upkeep fee of $350 is required when each pre-purchased burial site is utilized. Cost for a cremain burial site is $300; two cremains may be buried in one grave site. All cemetery fees must be paid by cashiers check or money order payable to Woodberry Cemetery Association at least 48 hours prior to burial; cash and personal checks will not be accepted. 

Effective, August 1, 2007, burials must include a vault or grave liner purchased from the funeral home at the time of burial to preserve the grave site. When liners/vaults are not utilized, there is considerable grave sinking, which requires additional soil. If sinking occurs during the first year and additional soil is required to restore the grave, the additional cost will be assessed to and paid by the grave purchaser. Owners of grave spaces may purchase grave markers and initialed corner markers of their choice from headstone companies; however, a Woodberry Cemetery trustee must be notified in advance to authorize the placement of permanent markers. Woodberry Cemetery will not bear responsibility for damage to headstones from erosion, weather, natural disaster, and normal deterioration.