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Staff Directory

Department Name Name Last Name Title Email Phone
Administration Deborah S. Kendall, AICP Town Manager (540)-832-2233
Administration Janet Jones, CZO Administrative Assistant/Town Clerk (540)-832-2233
Police Department Clayton Corbin Chief of Police (540)-832-2234
Visitor Center David Solomon, CTA Visitor Center Director (540)-832-1735
Public Works Vincent Seal Director of Public Works (540)-832-0877
Public Works James Amirez Operator (540)-832-0877
Public Works George Amirez Town Foreman (540)-832-0877
Public Works Olga Washington Administrative Assistant (540)-832-0877
Police Department Jonathan Guthrie Police Officer (540)-832-2234
Police Department Christopher Pontious Police Officer (540)-832-2234
Police Department John Williams Chaplain/Police Officer (540)-832-2234
Police Department Harry L. Harting Jr. Auxiliary Officer
Police Department Rick Baker Sergeant (540)-832-2234
Police Department Glen Arrington Jr. Sergeant (540)-832-2234
Treasurer Department Dawn Rigsby, MGDT Town Treasurer/Finance Officer (540)-832-2233
Treasurer Department Linda Chambers Senior Deputy Treasurer (540)-832-2233
Treasurer Department Ashley Pullen Deputy Treasurer (540)-832-2233
Public Works Terry Davis Utility Officer (540)-832-0877
Public Works Hunter Ferguson Laborer/Pool Manager (540)-832-0877
Police Department Virginia Strong Police Officer (540)-832-2234