Safety Tips

To help keep our citizens and our community safe, the Town Police Department offers the following safety tips, which may be updated from time to time to provide information that is seasonal or related to events of the day. For more information, contact the Gordonsville Police Department at (540) 832-2234.
Beware of Yard and Housework Scams
With the arrival of spring and summer, there's a lot of yard work to do and some people need help. 

The Gordonsville Police Department is urging residents to be careful about whom they hire for yard work and other work around the house. Residents are warned to NOT pay in advance for gutter and yard work. There is a known scheme where groups of people go through neighborhoods looking for work and asking for money up front; however, once the workers are paid they never come back to do the work. 

Another scheme is where workers clean gutters or do other work, and then they claim they did extra work and demand more money. 

Chief Corbin wants to remind homeowners not to take chances by hiring unlicensed workers. He is encouraging people to never pay for work in advance. He also wants to encourage people to watch out for each other and report suspicious activity. If you have questions or wish to report suspicious activity, please contact the Gordonsville Police Department at (540) 832-2234. 
Hydration Nation
As summer starts to heat up and kids are outside playing sports and having fun, we could easily go on and on about the importance of keeping your kids hydrated, but instead, we’ll let Brody do the talking – or should we say, rapping. Join the wave of water by watching Hydration Nation today.

Summer Swimming Pledge for the Whole Family
When it comes to keeping kids safe in and around water, we’re all in the same boat. That’s why we’re working with our friends from the Consumer Product Safety Commission to encourage all kids and adults to take the Pool Safely Pledge this summer. Whether it’s agreeing to never swim alone or designating a water watcher every time, it only takes one minute to get the water tips you and your kids need to have fun and be safe.

Be on the Lookout for Children in Cars
Have you ever wondered if your actions can really make a difference? Last summer, Jason Nordman was walking in the parking lot and spotted a baby crying in a car seat alone in a car. He took action and a life was saved. Safe Kids and the General Motors Foundation are teaming up to encourage everyone to be on the lookout for children left in cars this summer. Read more.

The following numbers need to improve.  We as adults, knowing the laws and risks involved for not following those laws, are held to a higher standard to be examples for our communities’ children and other adults.  If you, as a licensed driver and transporter of children, have questions or concerns, PLEASE do not hesitate to contact the Gordonsville Police department for education and guidance.  Like my grandma always used to say,  “The only stupid question is the one NOT asked”.  If you see a child in a vehicle you believe to be improperly restrained, REPORT IT!!  It could save a life.

Did you know that it takes less than 5 minutes for a car in sunny 70 degree weather to reach an internal temperature in excess of 100 degrees!!??  Don’t leave children or pets in vehicles, even for a minute.  There is NOTHING so important as the preservation of life.

The Children in Crashes Traffic Facts report (DOT HS 812 154) from NHTSA’s National Center for Statistics and Analysis includes 2013 crash data and describes findings related to children. 
Key findings include:

  • Of the 32,719 traffic fatalities in 2013 in the United States, 1,149 (4%) were children 14 and younger.
  • In 2013, the 1,149 child traffic fatalities were a 2% decrease from 1,173 in 2012.
  • In 2013, the estimated 172,000 injured children in traffic crashes were a 2% increase from 169,000 in 2012.
  • In 2013, motor vehicle traffic crashes were the leading cause of death for children age 4 and the second leading cause of death for children age 3 and every age 5 to 14.
  • On average, 3 children were killed and 470 children were injured every day in traffic crashes in 2013.
  • In passenger cars, child safety seats reduce the risk of fatal injury by 71 percent for infants and by 54 percent for toddlers. For infants and toddlers in light trucks, the corresponding reductions are 58 percent and 59 percent, respectively.

Read the full report.

Submitted by Carole Guzzetta, NHTSA (Washington, DC)

Deaths of children in hot cars

  • 2015:   8
  • 2014: 31
  • 2013: 43
  • 2012: 34
  • 2011: 33
  • 2010: 49

Details are available at http://noheatstroke.org

Taking Time to Educate Grandparents
Researchers often provide us with information that may help us influence the caregiver at our fitting stations or check up events to modify some of their behaviors in protecting their children. This is an example of how we can apply what is learned during research to our curbside communication with families especially grandparents. 

In a recent study, "Grandparents and Child Passenger Safety", published in the Accident Analysis and Prevention, researchers wanted to compare child passenger safety (CPS) practices of grandparents versus parents and determine grandparents' opinions on car safety seats, barriers to use, and ways to transport grandchildren safely. A total of 1758 parents transporting 2713 children, and 284 grandparents transporting 391 grandchildren were included in the study. 

While most drivers were buckled up and used car seats, almost 25% of parents and grandparents chose the incorrect seat to transport the child, and greater than 68% had at least one harness-related error. Grandparents were more likely to have looser lower anchor straps or seat belts and have children younger than thirteen years in the front seat. 

The focus group of grandparents had a favorable attitude toward child safety seats. They acknowledged the need for their grandchildren to ride buckled up but believed that car seats were hard to use. They also may have had physical barriers (e.g. arthritis, back pain, mobility, decreased strength, and vision problems) to installing and using car seats. 

Both grandparents and parents were equally likely to choose and use appropriate child safety seats. Compared to parents, grandparents were more likely to travel with their grandchildren in car seats installed with looser harnesses or an installed CSS with looser seat belt or lower anchors. Grandparents were more likely to have a child younger than thirteen years in the front seat. The use of community resources such as permanent fitting stations could help grandparents improve a grandchild's travel safety. 

Source: Grandparents and child passenger safety. O'Neil J, Bull MJ, Slaven JE, Talty JL. Accid. Anal. Prev. 2012; 49C: 354-359. 
Picture This
Picture a world where every child has a chance to grow up active, healthy and safe. That’s our mission, and now you can help with just the snap of your camera phone. Thanks to Johnson & Johnson’s new free app, Donate a Photo, every photo you upload from now until June 26 can turn into $1 to help Safe Kids. And we mean any picture: your dog, a flower, your toothbrush, the sidewalk – it all works. You can donate up to one photo a day and the more times you donate, the more support we receive, and the more children and families we can reach. Learn more.  



The Law that Helps Keep Kids Safer in Pools
This January, President Obama signed into law a provision that expands the Virginia Graeme Baker Pool and Spa Safety Act so local communities can apply for grants to keep pools and spas safe. Safe Kids helped pass the original Virginia Graeme Baker Pool and Spa Safety Act in 2007 and we are excited that this provision will promote pool safety in more areas. Check out the blog to learn more. 

Give Your Car Seat A Checkup
Road trips are a fun part of the summer, but before you take off, take 15 minutes to give your car seat a quick checkup. Here’s a car seat checklist that will help. If you have questions, certified child passenger safety technicians are waiting to assist or even double check your work. Find a seat check event near you.
Scam Safety Tips
Vehicle Theft Prevention/Preventing Vehicle Theft
You Tube Video  On vehicle theft prevention.  Please take a minute and check out the video.