Citizens asked to conserve water

Due to persistent dry weather conditions, the Town of Gordonsville is requesting citizens to engage in voluntary water conservation measures.  This calls for minimizing non-essential water use, such as car washing, garden or landscape watering, pool filling, etc., as much as possible.

The Commonwealth of Virginia has issued a drought watch for our area. Voluntary water conservation measures will be in place until the drought watch is lifted. If the drought watch is elevated to a drought warning, mandatory water restrictions may be implemented at that time, and any such restrictions will be communicated to the community.

This situation does not mean that we are running out of water. The Town of Orange water system from which Gordonsville gets its water has a raw water storage basin that is full and contains a 45-day supply of treatable water.  In addition, the Town of Orange is able to withdraw water for processing that is sufficient for meeting Gordonsville’s water supply needs. 

Please direct any questions to Deborah S. Kendall, Town Manager, via telephone at 540-832-2233 or via e-mail to