New Residents

Welcome home to Gordonsville!
Below is information about the various utilities available to Town residents.

Water and Sewer
Homeowners and possibly those renting will need to open a utility account for Town water and sewer.  The application for water and sewer service may be accessed here. Utility bills are mailed monthly and water/sewer bills are calculated based on consumption. Contact the Treasurer's office at (540) 832-2233 to have a utility account opened in your name.
Trash Collection
The Town provides trash collection and disposal through a third-party vendor. Residents pay a monthly $4 fee that is collected with the monthly water and sewer bill. Trash is collected on Tuesdays. More information about trash collection in the town may be found here.

Dominion Energy supplies and distributes electric power at competitive rates for residential, commercial and industrial needs. To open an account, contact Dominion Energy at (888) 667-3000. TTY/TTD: (800) 552-4015. 

Central Virginia Electric Cooperative supplies and distributes electric power at competitive rates for residential, commercial and industrial needs. Contact Central Virginia Electric Cooperative at(434) 263-8336.

Internet and Cable
Comcast provides cable and internet in Gordonsville. To open an account, contact Comcast

Verizon offers voice, data and video communication services. To open a residential account, contact Verizon at 1-800-VERIZON (1-800-837-4966). To open a business account, contact Verizon at 1-800-826-2355. TTY/TTD:(800) 974-6006.
Natural Gas
Columbia Gas supplies and distributes natural gas for all residential, commercial and industrial needs. To open an account, contact Columbia Gas at (800) 543-8911.