Parks and Recreation

Dix Memorial Pool

The Town of Gordonsville is home to the only public swimming pool in Orange County: Dix Memorial Pool. Located in Verling Park at the corner of Market and Allen Streets near downtown Gordonsville, the pool offers a wonderful summertime recreational activity for both adults and children.

As more people receive the COVID-19 vaccine and cases of the virus continue to decline, physical-distancing restrictions are being eased and the state of emergency for Virginia may be lifted by the end of June. This has prompted the Town to reconsider its February decision to keep the pool closed for the 2021 season.

At a minimum, Town Council would like the pool open on the weekends from early July through Labor Day, but only if staff can be hired to manage and operate the facility. As of mid-June, we have no pool staff.

Anyone interested in applying for the Pool Manager or Pool Lifeguard positions may do so using this link or by calling Town Hall at 540-832-2233. Candidates for Pool Lifeguard must have lifeguard training and certification.