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Learn to Swim

2018 Learn to Swim - Swim lessons will not be offered this year.

Learn - to - Swim - Swim lessons will not be offered at Dix Memorial Pool in 2018.

The 2017 Learn To Swim schedule is now available! 

Swim lessons are offered during sessions in the morning and in the evening and are scheduled according to the child's skill level as requested by the parent and verified by Dix Pool swim instructors (see skill level descriptions below). Swim instructors reserve the right to move a student to a different class that is more appropriate for the student's skill level if necessary. 

What Learn-to-Swim Level is Right for My Child?  Use this link to help you decide which swim level is best for your child.

Each session of lessons consists of eight classes held during a two week period; lessons are held Monday through Thursday (or as noted on schedule). Levels I-III and are 45-minutes long; the Pre-school level classes are 30-minutes long. 

All classes are held at Dix Memorial Pool located at 100 Allen Street, Gordonsville, VA 22942. 

For parent tips and more information about program expectations, please read the Welcome Letter.

Class Size
For levels II, III, class size is limited to a minimum of 4 and a maximum of 8 students per class. For the Preschool and level I classes, class size is limited to a minimum of 4 and a maximum of 6 students per class.  Classes that do not have a minimum of 4 students will be cancelled.

To register for swim lessons, complete a registration form and bring it or send it with your fee or scholarship request to Town Hall, located at 112 S. Main Street, in Gordonsville. Classes are filled on a first-come, first-served basis, so please provide both a first and second choice of class times on your application. For a schedule of classes, click here. 

The deadlines for registration are as follows:

Fees for each two-week session of eight swim lessons are as follows:

In-town residents                              $63.00
Out-of-town residents          $68.00

Fees are due at the time of registration; however, payment will not be processed until the desired session of lessons begins.                           

A limited number of scholarships are available through the Benjamin Hair - Just Swim for Life Foundation and may be provided to those with demonstrated financial need. Scholarships are not available to anyone who is able to swim up and back the length of Dix pool. The Town places this limit on the scholarships to ensure there is enough funding to provide financial assistance for children who do not swim as well. 

To apply for a scholarship, complete the scholarship application form and submit it along with your class registration form. Scholarships are available as long as funding is in place for the scholarship program. 

Each scholarship recipient will also receive a 12-visit pass to the pool for the purpose of practicing their new skills. Pool passes will be provided as funding is available and only one pass will be provided per scholarship recipient per swim season. Scholarship recipients who miss two or more classes during the two-week session will not be awarded a pool pass. These passes are available through donated funds, and because these funds are limited, the passes are only awarded to scholarship recipients who complete a session of lessons. 

Inclement Weather Policy
Swim lessons will be held in the rain but may be cancelled if weather is stormy (thunder and lightning). 

The Dix Memorial Pool storm policy requires a 30-minute period out of the water and off of the pool deck each time thunder is heard or lightning is seen. This often causes a delay or postponing of class. If the pool is on a thunder/lightning call and the instructor decides to postpone lessons to a later date, he or she will try to reach each affected person by phone with as much notice as possible. If you live a good distance from the pool and are not sure if lessons will be held, please call the pool at (540) 832-2427 or check the town’s website at for more information.

Make-up Lessons
Make-up lessons are only scheduled by the instructor if an entire class is cancelled due to inclement weather. Unfortunately, the Town is not able to give refunds for any classes missed.

Skill Level Descriptions
The following is a description of the different swim class levels offered through the Town of Gordonsville Learn to Swim program, which are based on guidelines from the American Red Cross:

Pre-School: Ages 3-5
This is a child’s first introduction to water without a parent. Children will learn how to be safe around water, get their face wet, practice entering and exiting the water, and practice moving through the water on their front and back.  More advanced students will learn how to tread water, open their eyes under water, float on their front and back and breathe control.  Activities include bobbing up and down, jumping in the water, changing directions while swimming, arm and leg actions and front and back glides.

Level 1: Introduction to water skills - Ages 6 & older
The objectives of Level 1 are to learn basic personal water safety information and skills, elementary aquatic skills, and to help participants feel comfortable in the water and to enjoy the water safely.  At this level, participants start developing positive attitudes, good swimming habits and safe practices in and around the water.

Level 2: Fundamental Aquatic skills - Ages 6 & older
The objective of Level 2 is to give participants success with fundamental skills.  Participants learn to float without support and to recover to a vertical position.  This level marks the beginning of true locomotion skills.  Participants further develop simultaneous and alternating arm and leg actions on the front and back that lay the foundation for future strokes.  Participants are presented with additional safety skills and improve comprehension of previous knowledge.  To take classes at this level, participants must be able to demonstrate all requirements of Level 1.

Level 3: Swim Stroke Development - Ages 6 & older
The objective of Learn-to-Swim Level 3 is to build on previously learned skills by providing additional guided practice. Participants are taught to survival float, swim the front crawl and elementary backstroke. Students are introduced to the scissors and dolphin kicks and build on the fundamentals of treading water. Participants also learn rules for headfirst entries and begin to learn to enter the water headfirst from a seated position at poolside (if the water is 9 feet deep or deeper). As in all levels, additional safety skills and messages are presented. To take classes at this level, participants must be able to demonstrate all requirements of Level 2. 

What Learn-to-Swim Level is Right for My Child? Use this link to help you determine what swim level is best for your child.

For more information
For more information or to schedule lessons, please contact Janet Jones, Town Clerk, at (540) 832-2233. A complete registration packet is available online.