Get to Know Us

Who We Are

The Town of Gordonsville is located in the Piedmont of Virginia at the crossroads of US Routes 15 and 33 and Virginia Route 231. Known as the "Chicken Leg Center of the Universe", we are a short 30-minute drive northeast of Charlottesville, and an hour's drive from Culpeper and Richmond.

Our citizens number at approximately 1,598, and they are served by a Mayor and a four-member Town Council, all of whom are elected at large, and who are as follows: 

Mayor Robert K. Coiner
Vice Mayor Emily Winkey
Council member James Bradley
Council member Ronald Brooks
Council member Liz Samra

The Town organization includes a Town Manager who oversees the day-to-day operation of the Town Police Department, the Town Public Works Department, the Town Treasurer's Office, and the Town Visitor Center. We are:

Town Manager: Deborah S. Kendall, AICP
Town Clerk: Janet W. Jones, CZO
Town Treasurer: Dawn M. Rigsby, MGDT
Police Chief: Glen Arrington
Public Works Director: Vincent W. Seal
Visitor Center Director: David Solomon
Pool Manager: vacant